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Featured Artist for the Huntington Arts Council 54th Annual Meeting


Bill Graf and his wife, Sandra, demonstrating portrait painting for the HAC 54th Annual Event. In the background is the finished portrait from a previous "sitting" done this year.

Thanks to Kevin McEvoy, Artistic Director of the Atelier at Flowerfield Art Studios, Bill Graf was given the opportunity to do a portrait painting demonstration of his wife, Sandra, before the honored members and Board of Directors of HAC while being accompanied by the talented Irish fiddler, Kiall Mulligan. The evening was filled with scholarships awarded to talented young dancers and praise and recognition to the many individuals, politicians and organizations that support the HAC as it continues to enrich the quality of Long Islanders with programs and services that address the needs and interest of artists, cultural organizations and the community.

Bill, now a member, has a history with HAC having been the recipient of several painting awards in their gallery exhibits. Sandra and Bill want to thank the lovely staff, President Samuel Miller, Ex. Director, Marc Courtade, Asst Director, Florence Dallari, Art Education Coordinator, Regina Van Bell as well as others for making them feel welcomed and honored at their events. Special shout-out to Maureen Starr, Director of Public Relations for supplying the promotional pictures. Anyone wishing to know more about HAC, go to website

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